MEBARY (Owned by Xuchang Dafei Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd limited company, China) is a registered trademark in the USA. Serial Number 87585732.

We are dedicated to providing quality hair extensions for trader and wholesaler. Usually they resell it to the retailers then to customers, which results in high price that makes customers awe-stricken. Although wholesaler can order cheap products online, they headache a lot because of poor quality. However when you find Mebary mall, everything will be changed. We can help you solve all issues of the price and quality. Since 2017 our shopping mall is online, Mebary has become the smart choice for thousands of people with its affordable price. According to data and statistics, 60% customers recommend us to their family and friends or return to order. 99% wholesalers choose us as their only supplier (excluding some customize products we do not produce) after they find us. Because excellent quality product make their business better and better. 


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